About Us

The Story of Fung’s Kitchen

Fung’s Kitchen began as one of the first Authentic Hong Kong Style restaurants right off of the Sharpstown area. Looking back it was amazing that the Asian community now known as Chinatown was at its beginning stages and Fung’s Kitchen was able to play an integral pillar of its growth and development. During this time, Fung’s Kitchen was a modest restaurant sharing the same center with 4-5 different businesses and could only serve a handful of people. Still, Master Chef, Hoi Fung and his family strived to always focus on putting authenticity into their food, that word started spreading and customers who enjoyed the sincerity kept coming in. Years flew by and instead of being satisfied with a good Chinese Restaurant,  the Fungs’ decided to go full force to transform this restaurant into an icon to best represent Cantonese culture, tradition, and dining in Houston. Only serving the freshest live seafood and best hand picked ingredients, Fung’s Kitchen offers over 500 dishes including lunch, dinner, VIP Dining and our famous Dim Sum! We have been very fortunate to be where we are now and it’s thanks to you. We’ve grown from a restaurant serving 40 dishes to have had the honor of serving the Houston Rockets, former Presidents of the United States, many highly respected and acclaimed food critics and news stations, to even the Queen of Thailand. But we won’t stop here because we care. We care for you, our patrons and will continue to bring you great surprises like our Chinese New Year celebrations with Martin Yan and Dorothy Huang, to our lunch and learn classes and maybe even something you would never expect. Always check back with us may it be online or in person. You’re always welcome at Fung’s Kitchen.