Chefs Corner

The Chef: A Culinary Master of the Orient

Chef Hoi Fung is not only the owner and head chef of Fung’s Kitchen, he is also a renown culinary expert of Chinese Cuisine in China and America. Earning various culinary titles and receiving “master” status from the culinary commission, Hoi Fung makes it his mission to create the most authentic and creative experience for all his guests. No matter if it’s to prepare a beautiful display of tastes for banquets at Fung’s Kitchen, to serve a feast for the Houston Rockets, or to honor the Queen of Thailand (all of which you can see photos of at Fung’s Kitchen), Hoi Fung strives to consistently provide you the essence of authentic Cantonese dining. But don’t let Hoi Fung’s experience convince you. Instead, come on in and let him show you what makes him a pillar of Chinese tradition, culture and taste in Houston.

The Food: Authentic Hong Kong Style Cuisine

You don’t have to journey to the Far East in search of authentic Chinese cuisine. Fung’s Kitchen brings you, our honored guests, back in time to taste the finer side of Canton and experience the culture of true Chinese delicacies. As times change and new trends up the level of creativity and tastes in food, we take the best of what Hong Kong has to offer and bring it to you on a platter. Saying this, we are the only seafood restaurant catering Hong Kong style cooking in Houston. Using only the freshest ingredients with you in mind, our chefs take heart in giving you their masterpieces in hopes that you will find comfort in knowing that Fung’s Kitchen proudly stands by their philosophy of quality, authenticity, and customers first. Come try true Hong Kong style Dim Sum Monday through Fridays. For a full service experience,come Saturday and Sunday between 10am – 3pm. Looking forward to see you again soon!